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Before I started doing hypnosis as a hobby in 1988 I worked in

Banking for 10 years as a Senior Manager, first  for JP Morgan and then

for the Export Finance Company. In 1990 I realised that what I really

enjoyed was assisting people in their personal development. Throughout

my professional career I have worked with numerous approaches to

business coaching, life coaching, leadership, influence, the inner game of 

change, emotional intelligence, motivation and resilience, always checking

for what worked and filtering out the stuff that didn't work and creating new

coaching techniques along the way.


I have worked with CEOs, Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs, lawyers,

bankers, architects, therapists, teachers, police officers, writers, artists

and musicians as well as people at an earlier stage in their careers who

wanted to uncover their life's purpose.


I have worked with some well-known organisations supplying coaching and training services: Vodafone, Cadbury Schweppes, Citigroup, British TeleCom, Halifax Bank of Scotland, Servier Pharmaceuticals, Standard Chartered Bank and Transport for London.


I have a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Lancaster and have published books on Coaching, Influencing People, Emotional Intelligence, the Art of Therapy and Business Training. 




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