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Influencing people


In my wayward, chequered, history I

have worked as a stage hypnotist, a

journalist, speech-writer, assertiveness

trainer, public speaker and corporate

trainer. I have coached hundreds of

people in the communication arts. I also

co-wrote a 'how-to' book on Influencing

People back in the day. I know the

power of words and I want you to do the



Successful people are persuasive, even

charismatic, individuals. And not just

through words alone. Through their

eyes, hands, voice, movement, posture,

right through to the way they dress.


Persuasive people have self-belief: an inner conviction that they know who they are and what it is they are here to do. So we will establish that first - your ability to influence other people follows on spontaneously from that starting point.


When you are ready to sell yourself we will work on every aspect of your delivery and eliminate misplaced fears until you tell me that you you have reached the tipping point and you are ready to go.


Leaders have seven common traits, of which the most important is the first:


  • Persuasion - as above.

  • Integrity. They are always themselves and don't try to be someone else.

  • Accessible. Always 'there' for others.

  • Trustworthy. Impeccable with their word and don't give it lightly.

  • Decisive.  With unshakable convictions.

  • Knowledgable. Subject matter experts.

  • Optimism. Pro-active, can-do attitude



          "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."


                                                                                                                                                     John Quincy Adams



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