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The power of emotion


I was one of the first psychologists in the UK to

include emotional intelligence in coaching and

corporate training  and co-wrote 

Communicate with Emotional Intelligence in 2000.


In your work with me you will be looking at:


* Emotional connection - your semi-conscious

   desires and your hidden passion


* Emotional drivers. Finding out what you really

   care about and focusing all your attention on



* Emotional expression - channeling the power

   of emotion to drive us forward


* Self-awareness - knowing who you really are,

   deep down. Recognising your strengths and

   working around your limitations.


* Empathy - checking the position of people

   who are in relationship or in opposition to us


* Eliminating negative states like timidity, stress, rage, apathy


* Establishing positive states associated with conviction, confidence and resilience


* Communicating charismatically


                                                                             "The Heart has it's own logic which Reason knows nothing about."


                                                                                                                                                                    Blaise Pascal



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