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Conviction coaching starts with your passion and with your accompanying gifts, talents and strengths. Your goals emerge naturally from your starting position. I will then coach you to start making things happen, stepping outside limitations created by wrong thinking. Mostly, the solutions we uncover will emerge from lateral thinking which looks outside the 'problem box' and into alternative realities.


Conviction coaching works on 3 levels


  • Performance. Improving something you do now - sales, public speaking, creative work, managing people, etc

  • Changing Perceptions. Changing the way you think, work, create, manage, lead or build relationships

  • Deep focus. Changing your self-identity so that you become a person capable of greatness


I can work on any level but my preference is to coach clients who want to work intensively on all three levels.


                                                                        'Break through your habitual self. Beyond it is the new world that you seek.' 


                                                                                                                                                                          Vernon Howard





photo credit: kenteegardin

Executive Coaching
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